The band hails from parts of Greater Manchester. We all met through our shared interested in psych rock bands such as “The Brian Jonestown Massacre”, “The Jesus and Mary Chain”, “Spacemen 3” and more.

After sending eachother demos of songs they had made, Brad (guitar) and Charlie (vocals and rhythm guitar ) decided to start the group. Soon after Greg (lead guitar) and Paul (drums) joined the band and together they started to work on songs that each member brought to the group. Castle (bass guitar) joined a few months later and the group was complete.

Now as a full band, the group released multiple demos on their Bandcamp website. These songs were only recorded in Charlie and Brads houses but recieved much praise. One of these releases, “Open Your Mind” showed off the bands talent at creating psych songs from out of their home studios.

With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the chaos it brought to live music, the band had no gigs to showcase their live set. To show off what the band looked and sounded like live, they partnered up with Happy Daze to be a part of their “Mill Sessions” series on Youtube. The video was released and had great reviews. The band also released a limited run of CD’s to help promote the session and sold out all of their physical copies.

The band is now currently in the studio recording upcoming songs to release on streaming platforms and are preparing to play at gigs, whenever they come back to life